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What’s Love Got to do With It?

Throughout our lives, from the moment we are born to the moment we leave this realm, love and relationships are part of our being. The love between a parent and child is one that can never be replaced, however, it also can never replace the love between two partners.

The mistake many single parents make is to focus so much on the love they have for and the bond they share with their children that they forget that there is more that they need in their lives. Perhaps they do realize that something is missing but try to drown out the little voice of yearning by smothering their children with love and attention and consuming every minute catering to their whims and needs.

At the back of a single parents mind is always the thought that one day their children will leave home and start lives of their own leaving them alone but no single parent realized how quickly that day actually charges towards you.

Before you know it you will be left alone in a house big enough for a small family and although the kids will visit with their friends and eventually families, the point is that they always leave again and you are left with that desolate feeling of longing for something more.

It is always best to remember that yes, your children are one of the most important things in your life, however, you should never neglect your own needs or you may be saddled with a life of regret and if onlys and by that stage you may have missed Mr. Right along the way.

For those lonely single parents I am going to suggest something that is completely out of this world but worth a try. This is for those who really have a need to feel loved, needed, wanted and who want to spend their lives with a partner that is perfectly suited to them in every way. Real love spells may make you giggle sarcastically under your breath but don’t bash it until you have tried it. You may be pleasantly surprised at what the stars have in store for you. You may find that you have been looking for love in all the wrong places and disregarding what is staring right at you.

I was one such skeptic who didn’t believe in magic or anything of the sort but once my children were out of the house, living their own lives and pursuing their dreams, I realized just how sad and lonely my life really was. I didn’t have anyone to laugh with, cry with, watch movies with, snuggle up with, I just didn’t have anyone to love and love me in a way that I really needed.

Real love spells

Real love spells was a step I was willing to take in a state of desperation and it is certainly one that I will never look back on in regret. My life is happier, healthier and more content for it. I have found the love of my life and yes, he was standing right there in front of me all along.